Coffins and Caskets

Tara Coffin

Panelled, oak coloured.

Carrowmore Coffin

Celtic style design.

Drumcliffe Coffin

Panelled natural oak colour.

The Glencar Coffin

Warm-oak shade.

Glencar Last Supper Coffin

Warm-oak shade.

The Glencar Knock Coffin

Warm oak coloured with Our Lady of Knock.

The Lissadell Coffin

Panelled natural shade solid oak.

The Elementary Coffin

Plain sided oak coloured.

Pandanas Eco-Coffin

Made from sustainable grasses.

Irish Wicker Eco-Coffin

Hand-made in Donegal.

The Knocknarea Casket

Dome lid natural colour solid oak.

The Benbulben Casket

Solid oak domed lid with Last Supper.

Dooney Last Supper Coffin

Two-tone panelled with oak pillars.

Dooney Last Supper Coffin

Finished with a hinged lid.

The Knock Coffin

Two-tone panelled with oak pillar corners.