Cremations in Sligo and Ireland

Cremation is an increasingly popular choice for funerals in Sligo and Ireland as a whole. At Feehily’s we have vast experience of the cremation process. We will guide families and answer any questions that they may have. All Christian denominations and most other religious sects around the world permit cremation. Some of the frequently asked question on cremations are listed below.

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What is cremation?
Cremation is an alternative to a traditional burial when someone dies. It would still be appropriate to hold a service commemorating the persons life. After the service the coffin would be removed to the crematorium grounds, either privately or accompanied by the family. If the family accompany the coffin to the crematorium a short committal service may take place. After this the coffin and the remains will be cremated.
Where can a person be cremated?
There are several crematoria around Ireland which we work with. We can recommend one to a family or work with any crematorium that the family desires.
When are the ashes available?
Normally the ashes will be available 3-4 working days after the funeral has taken place. However, we can have them available for families on the same day if needed.
What can I do with the ashes?
Usually when a family receives the Cremains they would inter them in a cemetery or scatter them somewhere that was significant to the deceased person. There are a number of other options available.

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